Player of the Week: Nicolas Szerszen


For the third time this year, Nicolas Szerszen of Ohio State has been chosen as the VolleyMetrics Player of the Week thanks to his outstanding performance over the weekend. Szerszen had a career high 26 kills in Ohio State’s upset over #1 Long Beach State, helping Ohio State to its first win over a top-ranked team since 1998. He also hit .528 against #13 UC Irvine the day before. Our ratings ranked him higher than the league average in every statistical category, except for serving.


The AVCA also selected Nicolas Szerszen as their Player of the Week. From his box score, you can see how well he performed this past week. Szerszen’s weekly average is also included in order to easily compare this past week with his overall performance this season.

week 10 table

Szerszen was able to hit a remarkable .476 over two matches this week, while averaging 5.3 K/S. He also recorded 11 digs and three aces this weekend. One stat that stands out is that had about 28 points per match for his team. He was able to do this while facing the top team in the country. This week Nicolas Szerszen and the Buckeyes look to continue their 9-game winning streak as they face Penn State, the top team in the EIVA, and Ball State, the number two team in the MIVA.



Bri Hintze

Bri Hintze

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